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I have found the care of skinnies is no more difficult than their hairy counterparts , apart from a few things ...................

they need to keep warm , this does not mean there is any need for sweaters or any form of guinea pig clothing
skinny pigs cannot live outside , any pics on here of my skinnies outdoors were taken on a warm day , and they were outside only briefly , i never leave them in sunlight be it outside or directly through a window as their skin would burn .
Since they need to generate more heat a skinny pig will eat more than a haired piggy , a good variety of fresh veg, dust free hay and a quality dried food will take care of dietary needs ,

i keep a firm eye on the skin ,its a delicate area since it is unprotected by hair , a simple general check over daily and anything untoward is spotted right away , but problems are few if they are recieving quality food and care .
 Any skin problems at all and my first stop is .............
  you will find here a wonderful range of products that i have used on my pigs skin with great success , however if in doubt you should always contact a vet if you have any problems with your pet .
please do not hesitate to email if you need advice , i will usually get back to you within 24 hrs and am always willing to help if i can .

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