New Litters

this little guy is just two days old he is the only surviving member of a litter of five ,we sadly lost his mother too he is feeding every two hours day and night and weighs just 69g ,
hand rearing even with the help of a foster mother is often not successful his foster mum is keeping him warm but not keen to feed him, will update on little bean should he survive .

little bean

 Day 4 of handrearing "little bean" , day 2 was wobbly he lost weight and went down to 64g, so we changed what he was being fed , he now has crushed charnwoods pellets and a little bran mixed with warm water and evaporated milk ,into this we are dipping bread which he seems to love taking the mix from .
in between he is chewing on water melon to help it all down and he is now back up to 70 g, still a long way to go but hes doing great .

day 5 and the little bean goes from strength to strength he is now just over 80g and nibbling on veg in the cage and following other pigs around and taking interest in what they do , he still seems to think im his mother but thats fine by me ,
time to give him a name and dillon seems to suit him, still early days as to his survival chances but so far so good .

so its been 10 days , Dillon is doing amazingly well and is now 110 grams . his ears have uncurled his body has filled out and hes looking more like a viable piggy every day, two hourly feeds day and night still, but intend to cut down on that soon , he no longer needs stimulation to pass piggy poops and is happily nibbling on bits of veg between his meals .

sadly little bean lost his fight for life just short of being two weeks old , he and i both tried so hard but it was not meant to be
miss you little guy sleep well x

Update 2011 ........... After the loss of bean i decided handrearing was probably a lost cause .......until the arrival of a pink eyed golden litter that mum would not feed ......two babies died before we realised they were not getting what they needed ,leaving one skinny and one carrier girl , and so it started again ...... this time the babies have thrived and are now independant of me although still extremely vocal if they see me coming , small for age but now totally viable i would do it all again if needed

darlas baby 2

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